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BKH Businness Solutions – Leading in ERP &POS Applications,HVAC Systems, IP Cameras, Wireless remote monitors, CCTV, Access Control & Attendance, Web Design, Intrusion Alarm, Materiel Supply, Smart Homes & Offices.

What we Offer?

Leading in ERP Applications, IP Cameras, Wireless remote monitors, CCTV, Access Control & Attendance, Intrusion Alarm, Smart Homes & Offices

Billing Software & POS

POS software(DrawBook) you can maintain complete control over sales and inventory while providing customers and staff an easy and fast retail pos software checkout solution

Electronic Security

If you are looking for a security camera, CCTV camera system or a digital video recorder, then look no further! We are your Destination for all your video surveillance and security camera equipment

Office Automation

Smart Office Solutions allow you to automate the working of various components of a building. this includes lights, air conditioners, curtains, audio – video devices, access controls and security.

HVAC Systems

Our HVAC division provides customize and innovative solutions in the field of Air-conditioning. We undertake HVAC works encompassing supply, installation, testing and commissioning for residential, commercial and industrial projects

Material Supply

We are dedicated to providing courteous service and high-quality products to our valued customers. Let our expert staff assist you in determining the items you need. When you live life out here you will always find something

Web Designing

Our designer is one of the leading Web Design and Website Development Company in Riyadh, KSA. We Provide top class services in Web Design, SEO, eCommerce websites, CMS etc with a team of expert Web designers and professional Web developers